Analog TENS Model 250


The Model 250 from BodyMed is an analog tens unit that comes with many safety features such as protective caps for the user control knobs and a timer. It comes with all accessories needed for its operation and offers exceptional value for money.


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The Model 250 from BobyMed is an Analog TENS unit that offers exceptional value for money and comes in a hard plastic case that protects your investment from accidental damage. You can take this model with you to work or on vacation and the case will help to control the risk of damage while in transit.

This Analog TENS unit comes with the following valuable safety features:

  • Protective caps to cover the control knobs, thus preventing the settings from being accidentally changed wile the unit is in use;
  • A time that allows you to set the precise length of treatment needed, thus eliminating the risk that you may receive too long a treatment;
  • A large easy to read analog display that allows the user to easily monitor the treatment duration and other information as the session proceeds;

The unit comes with:

  • Hard plastic carrying case;
  • 2 lead wires;
  • 4 electrodes;
  • a nine volt battery (required for operation);
  • an instruction manual.

The unit is therefore ready to use as soon as you get it home. Just insert the battery, attach the leads and electrodes and you are ready to go.

Model 25p Analog TENS unit – Technical Specs

  1. Pulse Intensity: 0-80 mA (adjustable) into 500 ohm load;
  2. Pulse Frequency: 2Hz – 120Hz (adjustable);
  3. Pulse width: automatically varied in a 6 second interval.

If you periodically experience low back pain after a stint of gardening, this may the ideal accessory (together with a back brace) to help you control this problem.


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