Cefar TENS


The Cefar Tens machine combines TENS and NMES therapies in a singe portable and flexible unit that also includes 5 custom programs.


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The Cefar Tens machine combines TENS and NMES therapies in a singe portable and flexible unit.

It allows you or your clinician to create up to 5 custom programs for personalized treatment. This means that you can create a customized program for your patient to use at home, and modify it based on the results. It is an excellent accessory for management of painful conditions like arthritis or lower back pain.

The Machine includes home compliance monitoring that allows the clinician to monitor total usage since the last reset. It can aso be locked to restrict the patient using non recommended programs.


  • Relief and management of chronic pain;
  • Treatment of post surgical and post trauma acute pain;
  • Arthritic pain;
  • Treatment of disuse atrophy;
  • Maintain or improve joint range of motion;
  • Muscle re-education;
  • Improving blood circulation;
  • Treatment of muscle spasms.


Cefar Tens Machine – Other Key Features

  • 2 independent channels eah capable of providig different programs (e.g. NMES on one, TENS on the other). Therapists can therefore combine rehabilitation of an injured area with ain management, resulting in a more comfortable, painless and effective session.
  • Rotatable belt clip – can be used to rotate the device to allow easier access to its cable output terminals;
  • Can be connected to acupuncture needles for delivery of electroacupuncture treatment. This feature is for clinician use only. Please note – acupuncture needles must be purchased separately.


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