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Intelect NMES


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The Intelect NMES units will help to prevent muscular disuse atrophy, re-educate muscles that have deteriorated due to such atrophy, increase your range of motion and improve blood circulation.

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The Intelect NMES unit is specifically designed to promote neuromuscular stimulation. It will help to prevent muscular disuse atrophy and will also re-educate atrophied muscles. They will also help to increase your range of motion and promote improved blood circulation. Each unit is supplied with a 9 volt battery, lead wires, DURA-STICK® self adhesive electrodes and a carrying case for convenient portability. You can use this unit with the Eco-Gel 300 TENS Gel for superb results.

Whereas TENS machines target the sensory nerves that are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain, NMES units target muscles via motor nerves. As a result, the NMES unit can elicit a muscle contraction that recruits more muscle fibers. This leads to increased blood flow as well as nutrient distribution.  NMES is a valuable tool of trainers and high level athletes for speeding post training recovery and increasing muscular strength and endurance. It also helps to flush out lactic acid and reduce the risk of muscular injuries. Finally, it also improves oxygenated blood flow.

The Intelect NMES  has two variations- standard and digital. The standard unit includes:

  • Dual Independent Signal Channels;
  • Adjustable Pulse Amplitude & Frequency and Contraction/Relaxation Time parameters;

The digital unit  also includes:

  • Adjustable timer parameters and pulse width;
  • Three stimulation modes –  alternate, synchronous and constant;
  • LCD easy read display;
  • Convenient digital controls.

Caution - please consult with your doctor before and while using this unit. In particular, its use in the following situations is contra indicated:

-Use over the carotid sinus nerves;
-Over the neck or mouth, as this may result in spasms of the laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles, leading to possible closure of your airway and consequent difficulty in breathing;
-Transthoracic application, as this may cause cardiac arrhythmias;
-Application over swollen, infected or inflamed areas or skin eruptions;
-Over or adjacent to areas that contain cancerous lesions;
-Over or near to the eyes.

Intelect NMES Standard - Technical  Specifications
-Channel: Dual, isolated
-Waveform: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse
-Pulse Amplitude: 0-80 mA each channel adjustable (500 ohm load), Pulse Width: Fixed 250μ sec, Pulse Frequency: 5, 30, 100 Hz
-Dimensions: 1” x 2.4” x 3.6” (26 x 62 x 91 mm)
-Weight: 4.4 oz (126 g)
-Safety Tests: EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2, EN 60601-2-10

Intelect NMES Digital - Technical  Specifications
-Channel: Dual, isolated
-Waveform: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse
-Pulse Amplitude: 0-80 mA each channel adjustable (500 ohm load), Pulse Width: 50-300μ sec. adjustable, Pulse Frequency: 2-120 Hz, adjustable
-Dimensions: 1.2” x 2.3” x 4” (30 x 59 x 101 mm)
-Weight: 4.4 oz (124 g)
-Safety Tests: EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, EN 60601-2-10


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