EcoGel 100 Imaging Ultrasound Gel


Eco-Med EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel is designed for use in diagnostic imaging or other procedures requiring a less viscose medium.

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Eco-Med EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel has ultra low viscosity of between  35,000 and 45,000 centipoise. It  is appropriate for diagnostic imaging and other external procedures requiring a a thin medium. Some technicians prefer a thinner gel. There are also some procedures for which a thinner gel is a better match. For example, technicians may prefer a thinner gel for OB GYN imaging or when performing other procedures that involve taking images of large surface areas. For larger surface areas, a lower viscosity gel will reduce the “snow plow” effect often seen when using higher viscosity gels.

Although EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel is a thin gel, it does not sacrifice anything where conductivity is concerned.  Its low viscosity also helps to generate clearer images. This is a result of its suitability for use in thinner layers. Thinner layers will minimize the incidence of air bubbles being trapped under the surface.

The gel is supplied in 2 sizes. You can buy it in 8 oz bottles or as easy to squeeze cubes accompanied by dispenser bottles.

Eco-Med EcoGel 100® Imaging Ultrasound Gel – Additional Key Features

  • Free of salt, alcohol and perfume. This minimizes the risk that you or your patient may experience allergic reactions from its use.
  • Comes with a twist cap to facilitate accurate dispensing
  • Free of  Propylene Glycol
  • Bottles have a  quick refill flip top cap.
  • Recyclable environmentally friendly packaging.



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