EcoGel 300 TENS Gel


Eco-Med EcoGel 300® TENS Gel is designed to display optimal conductivity when used for TENS treatments or other procedures that require a thicker conductive medium.

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Eco-Med EcoGel 300® TENS Gel is a highly viscose (110,000-120,000 centipoise) gel. It will show optimal conductivity when you use it for TENS treatment therapies or for other applications requiring a thicker (more viscose)  conductive medium. Despite this, its excellent conductivity also makes it suitable for therapeutic ultrasound use.

The thickness of this gel is an advantage in situations requiring it to remain on your body for extended periods. For ther gels in such situations, exposure to your body temperature for a prolonged period may cause an excessive loss of  viscosity (more than would be seen at room temperature).  In those situations, a thinner (less viscose) gel may become “runny” and fail to provide the required skin area coverage. This is especially the case on highly contoured body areas like the ankle, knee or elbow. This is also the case with ultrasound treatments that require you to heat the gel before commencing the treatment.  A thinner gel may become so runny as to be unusable at higher temperatures. However, a thicker one like the Eco-Med EcoGel 300® TENS Gel will be more likely to have the correct texture when needed.

Eco-Med EcoGel 300® TENS Gel – Key Features

  • The gel is salt, alcohol and perfume free, removing the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Free of  propylene glycol;
  • Comes with a twist cap to facilitate accurate dispensing;
  • Also comes with a quick refill flip top cap;
  • Supplied in environmentally friendly (recyclable) packaging.


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