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Eco-Med EcoLotion Transmission Lotion has excellent conductive properties for high quality ultrasound imaging as well as other external procedures. Just massage it into the patient’s skin once the imaging is complete.

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Eco-Med EcoLotion® Transmission/Massage Lotion complements Eco-Med’s line of ultrasound gels. As with gels like Conductor Transmission Gel, the lotion minimizes the potential adverse effect of air bubbles on ultrasound signal quality before the signal arrives at the imaging area. The lotion has superb conductive properties that equip it  for use in ultrasound imaging and other therapy procedures. As a result, it is a great choice for situations in which you would prefer to use a lotion instead of a gel.

Unlike a gel, you can simply rub Eco-Med EcoLotion Transmission Lotion into the patient’s skin at the end of the ultrasound imaging process. The advantage of doing this for the therapist is less clean up time. The patient gets to enjoy a richly textured lotion with its pleasant aroma.

For best results, you should not expose Eco-Med EcoLotion® Transmission Lotion  to either heat or extreme cold. Furthermore, although it is not toxic, please do not ingest it or allow it to get into your eyes.

Eco-Med EcoLotion® Transmission/Massage Lotion – Key Features

  • Both salt & alcohol free;
  • Dispenser bottle is provided with the 5L Squeezable Cubes;
  • Comes with a twist cap to facilitate accurate dispensing;
  • Also supplied with a flip-top cap for quick refills;
  • Includes aloe vera for additional skin moisturizing and other health benefits;
  • Can be bought in scented or unscented form;
  • Supplied in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging.

Accidental ingestion may result in stomach upset. Contact with the eyes may cause redness.

If it does come into contact with your eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes while holding eyelids open. Seek medical attention if irritation continues.

If it is accidentally ingested, try to induce vomiting and seek medical attention.

In case of spills or leaks, you can simply scoop up excess lotion and clean the affected spot with an appropriate cleaner and then finally rinse with water. No special procedures are required.


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