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The Darco Great Toe Splint is an adjustable, pre or postoperative splint indicated for relief of symptoms of bunions and hallux valgus.

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The Darco Great Toe Splint relieves the symptoms of bunions, hallux valgus and  other conditions affecting the great toe joint. The splint is adjustable to fit different foot sizes and shapes. You can also use it to treat either pre or post operative injuries.

It is manufactured from neoprene and nylon. Due to the splint’s neoprene construction, you should exercise caution if you have a history of sensitivity to that material.

You can wear it during either daytime or night-time. It has a low profile that allows you to use it while wearing most types of footwear (and even under a sock if you wish). You can also just wear it over your bare feet.

Hallux valgus forces the first metatarsal bone of the great toe to bend toward your body’s midline.  It also causes the great toe to bend away from the body’s midline. The Great Toe Splint will help to fight this misalignment. It will hold your big toe in its correct position and ensure that it heals properly.

For greater comfort, you may remove the Great Toe Splint each day for a few minutes each time.

Darco Great Toe Splint – Indications

  • Relieves symptoms of hallux valgus and other great toe joint conditions
  • Helps to ease the pain of bunions

Average Shoe Size:

Small - Women's 5-7.5 / Men's 7-9.5
Large - Women's 8-11 / Men's 10-13


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