Toe Alignment Splint


The TAS™ – Darco Toe Alignment Splint is a cost-effective solution that provides superior postoperative toe alignment after Hallux Valgus, Hammer Toe and Tailor’s Bunion procedures.


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The Darco Toe Alignment Splint helps to keep your toes aligned after you have undergone Hallux Valgus, Hammer Toe and Tailor’s Bunion procedures. When your toes are in correct alignment, they are more likely to heal correctly. Your surgery is more likely to have a satisfactory outcome.

The Toe Alignment Splint is a one size fits most design that includes:

  • A large toe loop;
  • Small toe loops;
  • A metatarsal band;
  • A heel band.

The Toe Alignment Splint is low profile enough to fit into most types of shoes. Its soft toe straps will soothe your skin and enhance wearing comfort.

The splint fits  either the right or left foot, further simplifying fitting issues. Fitting it is simple. For example, to treat Hallux Valgus just position the metatarsal around the ball of your foot and apply the heel band to keep the metatarsal band from slipping. Then, place the large toe loop around your large toe and attach it to the midfoot band using Velcro. For best results, ensure that there is a little tension in the securing strap.

Darco Toe Alignment Splint – Other Features

  • A T-strap that preserves proper alignment to ensure correct toe healing;
  • 100% Latex free.

•One size fits all


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