Comfort Gel Insoles


Oppo Medical Comfort Gel Insoles help to absorb shocks to your feet and redistribute pressure along your foot sole. It also helps reduce the symptoms of foot fatigue and metatarsalgia at the end of a long day.

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Oppo Medical Comfort Gel Insoles will help to ease pressure and shock impacts on your heel and metatarsal areas. They come with an adhesive backing that helps to  secure them inside your shoes, improving user comfort. You will not be distracted by having them moving inside your shoes while you walk or run.

The insoles also have an ultra-slim 3/4 length design. This helps them easily fit inside smaller footwear such as high-heel shoes. In addition, their waffle pattern cushion equalizes weight distribution along your sole. With pressure redistributed away from your heel and metatarsal areas, you will experience less painful at the end of the day.

Oppo Medical Comfort Gel Insoles – Indications

  • Metatarsalgia;
  • Foot fatigue;
  • Heel pain;
  • Shock absorption.


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