Foam Protective Pads


Oppo Medical Foam Protective Pads are made with high quality gel to help them conform to the shape of your foot for maximum comfort. Along with the comfort they will ease the pain and irritation, you are experiencing from calluses, corns and sensitive skin on your feet.

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Oppo Medical Foam Protective Pads help you to avoid rashes and blisters and will also soothe pain you may experience due to calluses. Protective Pads come in one size and are 4 pieces per pack. They are made from high quality gel to better conform to the shape of your feet and provide optimal comfort. In addition to improving your comfort level,  Foam Protective Pads will help to mitigate irritation and pain you may be experiencing due to sensitive skin, calluses and corns.

Foam Protective Pads also have a waterproof adhesive to help keep them securely in place all day long.One size.

Oppo Medical Foam Protective Pads – Indications

  • Calluses;
  • Soft Corns;
  • Sensitive skin on feet.


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