Foam Strips


Oppo Medical Foam Strips are designed to prevent red marks and painful blisters caused by wearing footwear with straps that go between your toes.

SKU: OP6060


Oppo Medical Foam Strips will help to prevent painful blisters and unsightly red marks between your toes caused by footwear straps between your toes.  Skin between the toes is often extra sensitive and  may be irritated by these straps. You can attach the foam strips to slingback heels or to sandal or dress shoe straps. They will then help to relieve pressure on sensitive areas and mitigate the friction due to the shoe straps. The Foam Strips have an adhesive backing that helps to keep them in place.

Foam Strips are one size and come 8 pieces per pack.

Oppo Medical Foam Strips – Indications

  • Friction prevention


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