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The Oppo Medical Gel Cushion is a fully lined gel cushion that will help soothe any lesions you may have due to inter digital rubbing or pressure.

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The Oppo Medical Gel Cushion is a completely lined gel cushion tube.  You can wear it on your toes and it will soothe lesions from interdigital rubbing or pressure. It will also reduce pain from blisters, corns and hammer toes.

If you are standing or walking for prolonged periods as part of your daily routine, you may find these gel cushions to be a tremendous source of comfort. They will can offer you relief from the inter digital pressure of your toes touching and rubbing against each other.  This can also be a problem if you  suffer from calluses. Generally, the skin between the toes is more sensitive than other areas and there is greater vulnerability to calluses or corns in that area.

Additionally, if you play sports that require lots of walking (golf, for example) or if you hike as a hobby, the Oppo Medical Gel Cushion may provide significant relief.

1 piece – 5 3/8″ in length.

Oppo Medical Gel Cushion – Indications

  • Calluses
  • Hammer toes
  • Claw toes

To apply the gel cushion, first use a pair of scissors to cut off a segment of the required length. This should be just shorter than the toe to which you are going to apply it. Then slide it on to the toe. Use the remaining gel cushion in the same way on any other toes that are causing you irritation or discomfort. For best results, remove the cushion once daily for a few minutes.

You can also wear the gel cushion with socks by first applying it and then putting your socks on over it in the normal manner. You can also wear the gel cushion with or without shoes.

Cleaning the gel cushion is simple - just hand wash it in lukewarm water with a mild detergent and then let it air dry. Avoid using fabric softener or detergent. Do not machine wash or tumble dry the gel cushion.


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