Carpal Gel Sleeve


The Oppo Medical Carpal Gel Sleeve helps protect sensitive scar tissue and reduces pressure, shock and friction at carpal area. It is lined with a gel pad to cushion the palm and wrist area.One size.

SKU: OP6772


The Oppo Medical Carpal Gel Sleeve helps to protect hand scar tissue that is the result of an injury or surgery. The Carpal Gel Sleeve is particularly helpful if you have recently undergone surgery to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. The scar tissue from this operation will be on the underside of the wrist and palm. The Carpal Gel Sleeve has a gel pad along this area that cushions the scars from pressure, friction and shocks.

The Sleeve is a low profile, one size fits most design.

Oppo Medical Carpal Gel Sleeve – Indications

  • Sensitive scar tissue protection
  • Friction prevention


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