ColPac Chilling Unit


ColPac® Chilling Units will provide chilled ColPacs on demand to keep you supplied throughout a busy day.

SKU: CH-3102

A ColPac® Chilling Units offers large capacity and quick chilling time to keep you supplied with ready to use ColPacs throughout the day. You do not need to make any special plumbing or electrical  alterations to install the units.

ColPacs are an effective form of treatment for emergency injuries. Having a ready supply of ColPacs is vital to ensure that you are always prepared for such situations.

Key features of each chilling unit:

  • Closed cell foam insulation to give optimal energy efficiency;
  • A heavy duty compressor that further enhances energy efficiency;
  • Interior chilling coils for quicker cooling of ColPacs.
  • High durability due to a stainless steel, welded construction;
  • Mobile chilling units have 8 cm rubber casters to facilitate silent movement when this is necessary.
  • Each ColPac® Chilling Unit has drain valves for easier and quicker cleaning and defrosting.

Model C-5 Chilling Units come standard with 6 standard size and 6 half size ColPacs.

ColPac® Chilling Units – Technical Specifications

  • Mains Power: 115 VAC~60 Hz
  • Current: 4A
  • Weight: 165 lb (74 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 190 lb (86 kg)
  • Dimensions: 27”L x 16”W x 33”H (69 cm x 41 cm x 84 cm)
  • Electrical Safety Class: Type B Safety Tests: UL 544 (US only)


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