ColPac Freezer


ColPac® Freezers provide 5 cubic feet of capacity and will keep a large supply of already chilled ColPacs ready for use at a moment’s notice. Each freezer comes complete with trays and cup holders and is supplied with 12 standard size ColPacs.

SKU: CH-90910

With a ColPac® Freezer you will have 5 cubic feet of available capacity. Each freezer is equipped with four (4) durable stainless steel shelves and comes with trays and cup holders. In addition, each freezer is supplied with twelve(12) standard size ColPacs.

The freezer is designed so that cleaning and defrosting are simple and do not require much time.

You can use the ColPacs to provide cold therapy in the immediate aftermath of acute injuries. Cold therapy will reduce the metabolism and the rate of blood flow to the injury. After using ColPacs for 24-48 hours, and once any bleeding has stopped, you can start the next (longer term) stage of therapy.

Wrap the ColPac in a warm and damp towel before placing it next to your bare skin.

ColPac® Freezers – Technical Specifications

  • 21 ¼” L x 26” W x 33 ½” H (53 cm x 66 cm x 86 cm)
  • Includes 12 Standard Size ColPacs.
  • Shipping weight: 150 lbs
  • The unit is both UL and cUL listed – you can be sure that it meets all applicable safety requirements and is manufactured to the highest quality standards.


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