Single Use Instant Cold Pack


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24cm x 15cm

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The DynaPro Health Single Use Instant Cold Pack is an essential part of a first aid kit that will help you start treatment of acute injuries right away.

SKU: DYN10104

The DynaPro Health Single Use Instant Cold Pack will help you treat acute injuries right after they have occurred. It freezes the tissues in the region of the injury, reducing the patient’s metabolic rate. By constricting the surrounding blood vessels, it will also help to reduce any bleeding the patient may be experiencing.

This cold pack will start cooling after less than five seconds of squeezing. You will not need to refrigerate it.

This Cold Pack is single use but is easily disposable.  It’s the ideal choice for relief of pain,  to reduce swelling and to speed recovery from acute injuries like cuts, headaches,  minor bumps and bruises and toothaches. It is also useful in treating muscle aches, minor burns, insect bites, strains and sprains.

Pricing for the DynaPro Health  Single Use Instant Cold Pack is for a single pack – 24CM x 15CM.

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