MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack


The Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack cools just 5 seconds after you start squeezing it. It is ideal for acute sports injuries or other situations that require application of first aid.

SKU: MU330102

Mueller Sports Medicine MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack is a great accessory for when you can’t reach a freezer, or when ice is not conveniently to hand for some reason.

The MuellerKold Instant Cold Pack will help freeze injured tissues, reduce your metabolic rate and constrict blood vessels adjacent to the injury. This will help reduce bleeding in the aftermath of an acute injury. It cools in less than 5 seconds after you start squeezing it. You don’t need to refrigerate the Cold Pack.

The MuellerKold pack is a single use product and must be disposed of after use.  It is 100% free of ammonium nitrate.

Single Pack with dimensions 6″ x 9″ (15.2 cm x 22.8 cm).


• Wrap or cover your skin before applying cold pack
• Read the detailed product use instructions to ensure proper use:
...Shake It - Shake MuellerKold contents to the bottom of the bag
...Break It - Hold the cold pack away from your body and squeeze the sides with both hands
...Mix It - Shake the pouch vigorously for at least 30 seconds to allow it to mix
...Wrap It - Wrap or cover the cold pack with protective material

• Follow the standard "R.I.C.E. therapy" - rest, ice, compression and elevation


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