Hydrocollator All-Terry Covers


Hydrocollator® All-Terry Covers will help you enjoy the benefits and pain relief of moist heat therapy while insulating your skin from possible burns.

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Hydrocollator® All-Terry Covers will protect you from the heat in moist heat packs like Hydrocollator HotPacs. Without the All-Terry Covers, you would be at risk of suffering burns or other injuries. HotPacs can reach temperatures of up to 160ºF and can burn you if placed next to your bare skin.

Our All-Terry Covers will help you enjoy the benefit of moist heat therapy without having to worry about burns. Moist heat therapy is an effective treatment for the pain and stiffness of arthritis. It is also useful for treating muscle spams in the back and/or neck and back. In both of these applications, it is widely preferred to dry heat therapy.

Terrycloth is highly porous and so allow the moist heat to migrate through its material without getting soaked and requiring replacement. Towels would have to be continually swapped out and replaced as they become saturated.

These covers are good for either clinical or home use. You can also use them with ColPacs for similar insulation from direct contact with your skin.

The hook and loop closures will keep the HotPac secured and prevent its escape from the cover, which could result in injury. They use four layers of heavyweight terry cloth for long term durability and can also survive repeated washings and dryings.

Hydrocollator® All-Terry Covers are both washable and reusable and come with a one year (12 month) warranty.


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