Hydrocollator Foam-Filled Terry Covers


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Neck Contour – Sling, Oversize, Standard

Hydrocollator® Foam-Filled Terry Covers use a polyurethane foam layer between dual layers of terry cloth to insulate your skin from the heat of Hydrocollator or other HotPacs.

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Yiou can Hydrocollator® Foam-Filled Terry Covers instead of Hydrocollator® All-Terry Covers in situations requiring only light usage. These covers will prevent direct contact between your bare skin and the Hydrocollator® HotPacs or any other moist heat packs you may be using. This is important for safety, as moist heat packs can reach temperatures as high as around  160 ºF. They can burn your skin if placed next to it.

Using these terry covers, you can enjoy the moist heat therapy in your home without facing the higher cost of traditional Terry Covers. If you are dealing with a chronically painful condition, moist heat therapy can penetrate deeply into your tissues. It also produces a potent response from your body’s temperature receptors. It is more effective at doing these things than dry heat therapy and is especially effective when treating the stiffness and pain of arthritis. Moist heat is also effective when treating pain resulting from muscle spasms in your neck and/or back.

The key feature of Hydrocollator® Foam-Filled Terry Covers is their polyurethane foam layer situated between two layers of terry cloth. This takes the place of the four layers of terry cloth used in traditional All-Terry Covers. Terry cloth is highly porous  and this helps it to serve as a barrier from the hot steam coming from the HotPac. You will not need to replace a terry cloth cover as it becomes saturated. However, (you would need to replace a towel.

The  Terry Cover uses A velcro closure to keeps the moist heat pack safely inside its cover. This eliminates any risk of that the HotPac can become accidentally unwrapped or slip out. You can similarly use the Terry Cover to hold ice packs to avoid direct contact with your skin.

You can buy the Foam Filled Terry Covers with or without pockets. They are both washable and reusable and come with a one year (12 month) warranty.



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