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Mueller No Glare Strips reduce the impact of sun and bright lights on the athlete’s vision. The dark coloured strips absorb excess light around the eyes and prevent it from degrading vision. This in turn improves both player performance and safety. Their pressure sensitive design also makes them easy to remove or apply, even during the pressure of a game. In addition, they are free from the perspiration smears and marks that affect sticks or paste. Available in both Original and Premium performance levels. Sold 36 strips to a package.


Mueller No Glare Strips are just what any athlete needs to deal with the glare of the sun or outdoor lighting. These black strips work to absorb most of the light that would otherwise possibly enter the eyes and reduce interference with vision.

The strips are available at both “Original” and “Premium” performance levels. Premium strips offer additional coverage around the nose. However, both varieties are significant upgrades compared to using sticks or paste. According to Mueller, the Original strips are almost twice as effective as sticks or paste while the Premium no glare strip is almost 8 times as effective.

Compared to the traditionally used sticks or paste, these strips offer the following advantages:

  • They will not cause messy smears due to the athlete’s perspiration;
  • They are easier to remove and will leave no marks after removal;
  • The strips are pressure sensitive and therefore also easier to apply. This is especially important during a fast moving game, when time may be short.

Application & Removal of Mueller No Glare Strips

These strips are designed for easy application and removal. Please see instructions below:


  1. Dry the skin under the eyes and between them (i.e. the bridge of the nose);
  2. Remove the backing from the no glare strip;
  3. Position the strip on the bride of the nose and apply gentle pressure;
  4. Slide the fingers outwards from the nose and under each eye to position the strip ends there.


The strips are also designed to be easy to remove. To remove the no glare strip, just peel the strip back over itself. You will experience minimal skin pull and no damage.

Both Original and Premium strips are sold 36 to a package.



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