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The McDavid Ankle Brace With Straps is constructed of single layer polyester fabric for strong support combined with minimal weight. It can help you to prevent and/or recover from common ankle sprains.




The McDavid Ankle Brace With Straps will help you to prevent common ankle sprains. If you have suffered from an ankle sprain, the Ankle Brace with Straps can also help during recovery.

The Ankle Brace with Straps is  made from a single layer of polyester fabric in order to have minimal weight while offering strong support to your ankle. The brace is designed to simulate the effect of athletic tape and uses a figure 6 strapping pattern. It is equipped with a top strap that you can use to find the correct mix of compression and comfort to suit a given occasion.  For convenience, you can use this strap “on the go” – i.e. without having to remove the brace.

The brace has a ventilated tongue that helps to keep your foot cool, dry  and comfortable. Comfort (as well as stability) is also addressed via the brace’s reinforced closures and padded lining.

An independent study at a major research university concluded that athletes wearing this ankle support had 3 times fewer injuries than other athletes who were not wearing any form of ankle support. The McDavid Ankle Brace with Straps is a great brace to wear for sports like tennis  or soccer in which there is a risk of ankle injury due to the need to constantly twist and change direction and speed sharply. The brace can be worn as a prophylactic device, i.e. to prevent injury to a healthy ankle. Alternatively, you can wear it to reduce the risk of injury during the rehabilitation phase of returning from an ankle injury.

The McDavid Ankle Brace With Straps provides Level 3 protection against ankle sprains.

McDavid Ankle Brace With Straps – Additional Features

  • Can fit either left or right ankle;
  • Available in both Black & Grey;
  • Available sizes are X-Small, Small, Medium, large and X-Large. Sizes are determined based on U.S Shoe Size. Please consult the size tab on this page to determine your size;
  • Composition is 100% polyester excluding trim,straps and cover fabric.


Measured by U.S Shoe Size -

MEN'S: X-Small (6 - 7) Small (8 - 9) Medium (9 - 11) Large (11 - 13) X-Large (14 - 15)
WOMEN'S: X-Small ( 7 - 8) Small (9 - 10) Medium (10 - 12) Large (12 - 14) X-Large (15 - 16)


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