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The McDavid Ankle Support With Figure-8 Straps utilizes a wrap-around figure-8 strap design o provide your ankle with comfortable compression and pain relief. It features McDavid’s exclusive 5-needle stitch for flatter and stronger seams, which results in increased comfort for you. It also includes an adjustable hook and loop closure for a customized fit.


The McDavid Ankle Support With Figure-8 Straps uses a wrap-around figure-8 strap to provide compression for pain relief together with superior comfort.  It features McDavid’s exclusive 5-needle stitch that gives a flatter and stronger seam for improved wearing comfort and long term durability. In addition, this support has an adjustable hook and loop closure that allows you to choose your preferred balance between support and comfort.

Composition of the ankle support is 100% neoprene(CR), a latex free composite material. Being latex free, it does not present any concerns about latex allergy reactions. This is the case even with those with a history of these reactions.

The choice of 100% neoprene endows the ankle support with superior resilience, tear resistance and tensile strength. It also enhances its compression and heat retentive capabilities, two properties that are key to the support’s therapeutic performance. Another benefit of neoprene lies in the fat that it will allow you to wash and dry the brace over several cycles with no loss of performance.

The neoprene used in this support’s construction is only 3.2mm thick. This makes for an ultra low profile support that you can easily wear under both regular and athletic footwear. The ability to wear the support all day long with minimal inconvenience will be an important factor in making progress to a complete and quick recovery.

This support will provide you with Level 2 (minor/moderate) ankle support. It will help to relieve the pain of tendinitis and arthritis. You can use this brace to help you recover from baseball, basketball or soccer related ankle injuries.

McDavid Ankle Support With Figure-8 Straps – Features

  • For extra durability, the support has an exterior layer of nylon fabric;
  • Can fit either left or right ankle;
  • Sizes available are small, medium, large and X-Large. Please use the information under the size tab on this page to determine your correct size. Note that sizing is based on US shoe sizes;
  • Composition is 100% latex-free 3.2mm neoprene, except for binding, straps and cover fabric



Men's Shoe Size 6-9
Women's Shoe Size 7-10


Men's Shoe Size 9-11
Women's Shoe Size 10-12


Men's Shoe Size 11-13
Women's Shoe Size 12-14


Men's Shoe Size 14-15
Women's Shoe Size 15-16


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