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The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer uses a figure-8 strapping system for superior support and  HydraMesh® fabric arch panel for wearing comfort. Replaces the MU44547 Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer.

SKU: MU44547

The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer features a criss-cross figure-8 strapping system and stays on both sides to help provide lateral support and prevent ankle srains.

The Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer uses a sectional design to help keep bunching to a minimum. For superior comfort, it uses breathable HydraMesh® fabric along the bottom panel. This support will keep your feet cool, dry and ventilated no matter how long you wear it.

You can use the Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer for moderate support to deal with mild ankle sprains or joint instability. If you have previously injured your ankle and wish to return to playing sorts, the Ankle Stabilizer will give you the support you need to play with less fear of re-injuring your ankle. In addition, if you suffer from weak ankles but have not suffered an injury, the Ankle Stabilizer will enable to to play with less fear of injury. Ankle injuries from basketball, soccer or baseball will be less of a concern when wearing this anke support.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer comes in one size fits most. It will fit US shoes sizes ranging from U.S. Women’s 4.5 to Men’s 13. Available only in black and fits either ankle.

• Place heel in round opening with arch on section marked “bottom”
• Fasten bottom section
• Fasten top section
• Criss-cross tension straps
• Adjust for comfort

Care: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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