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The LP Extreme Ankle Support uses LP Support’s CoolPrene® material to reduce pain, stiffness and  swelling due to ankle injuries.


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The LP Extreme Ankle Support will help to ease pain, stiffness and swelling and also helps you to recover more quickly. It also supports and compresses  weak ankles and helps reduce the symptoms of muscle strains or bursitis. The Support has an open heel design that promotes comfort and simplifies donning and removal.

CoolPrene® is an innovatively designed material developed by LP. It uses a pattern of grooves and venting holes that work in synergy when the joint moves.  The holes regulate excess heat and perspiration to enhance wearing comfort. Coolprene’s grid and channel pattern greatly improve the Extreme Ankle Support’s functionality and performance.

LP Extreme Ankle Support – Indication

  • Mild ankle sprain;
  • Ankle Instability.


Measure circumference just above ankle bone

Small - 15.2 - 20.3 cm / 6 - 8"

Medium - 20.3 - 25.4 cm / 8 - 10"

Large - 25.4 - 30.5 cm / 10 - 12"

X-Large - 30.5 - 36.8 cm / 12 - 14 1/2"


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