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The McDavid Ankle Sleeve features a four-way stretch material that facilitates comfort and compression in all directions. It also features Mcdavid’s exclusive 5-needle stitch for a flatter, cleaner and stronger seam. The brace also has an exterior layer of nylon fabric for added durability.


The McDavid Ankle Sleeve uses a four-way stretch material that provides superior comfort and as well as compression in all directions. The sleeve also uses Mcdavid’s 5-needle stitch whih produces a flatter and stronger seam. This improves wearing comfort, as the compressive property of the sleeve will not result in welts, marks or other damage to your skin. The stronger seams will also improve wearing durability. Durability is also improved by the use of an exterior layer of nylon based fabric.

Construction of the McDavid Ankle Sleeve is entirely from neoprene(CR), a latex free composite material. As it is latex free, you will not have to be concerned about the risk of latex allergies while wearing this sleeve. This applies even if you have a history of such allergies.

The choice of  neoprene gives superior resilience, tear resistance and tensile strength. In addition, it endows the sleeve with excellent compressive and heat retentive capabilities, both of which are essential to therapeutic effectiveness. Using neoprene for sleeve construction  also allows you to wash and dry the sleeve over many cycles with no loss of performance. The neoprene used  is just 3.2mm thick. This makes it possible for you to wear this low profile sleeve under regular clothing with no inconvenience or discomfort.

The McDavid Ankle Sleeve is a great provider of LeveL 1 protection – it provides relief from pain associated with athritis or tendonitis, together with moderate support. You should consider this support  for recovery from ankles injuries related to baseball or soccer, for example.

McDavid Ankle Sleeve – Additional Features

  • Can fit either left or right ankle;
  • 100% latex-free 3.2mm neoprene (CR),  exclusive of binding and cover fabric
  • Available in sizes small, medium, large and x-large. Please use the information under the size tab on this page to determine the size that is right for you.

Level 1: Primary Protection – Relief from pain associated with arthritis and tendonitis; minor ankle support

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