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The Mueller Sports Medicine ATF3 Ankle Brace uses an internal strapping system with a self adjustment mechanism that helps you avoid rolling your ankle and provides superior all day wearing comfort. Replaces the ATF 2 Ankle Brace.

The Mueller Sports Medicine ATF 3 Ankle Brace is designed to be easy to be a light, low profile  and comfortable ankle brace that will still provide sufficient support to prevent you rolling your ankle while playing your favorite sport.

The ATF 3 Ankle Brace features a unique strapping system inside the brace that auto adjusts to provide support to your Anterior Taliofibular Ligament. By doing so, it helps you to avoid rolling your ankle. The distinguishing feature of the ATF3 is that does this without imposing any restrictions on movements you need to make such as jumping. It will also not hinder your mobility  or reduce your agility or speed.

The above characteristics make the ATF 3 an ideal brace to wear if you frequently play sports require plenty of jumping, sprinting, sharp changes in direction or other athletic movements. Ankle injuries are common in sports like basketball that require these types of movements. You can wear the brace prophylactically  to prevent an ankle sprain. Alternatively, you can use it while returning to action from an ankle sprain in order to reduce the risk of re-injuring your ankle. It will provide you with the support and confidence in your ankle that you need to focus on your sports performance.

You can buy the ATF 3 Ankle Brace in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. Please check the information under the sizing tab on this page for help in determining your correct size.

Mueller Sports Medicine ATF 3 Ankle Brace – Key Features

  • The ATF 3 Ankle Brace comes with an internal strapping system that has a self adjusting mechanism to help prevent you rolling your ankle;
  • A quicker lace up process that facilitates application of the brace. This makes it more likely that you will be wearing the brace when you need its support the most;
  • Internal strapping system that also provides greater comfort across the top surface of your foot;
  • Uses re-engineered stabilizers to provide you with firm support with no restriction of your range of movement;
  • The ATF 3 Ankle Brace uses vented fabric to keep you cool, dry and comfortable while wearing the brace.

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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