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Choose the McDavid Active Comfort Compression Ankle Sleeve to enjoy a new level of comfort, compression and support in an ultra light ankle sleeve.

The McDavid Active Comfort Compression Ankle Sleeve is an ultra light ankle sleeve that will allow you unrestricted movement with full range of motion. Despite this, you will also benefit from outstanding compression, stability and support as a result of McDavid’s application of tech print technology to ankle support design.

Another notable feature of the Active Comfort Compression Sleeve is its use of 4 way stretch fabric in its construction.  The use of 4 way stretch fabric results in improved wearing comfort as a result of greater moisture wicking capability. This sleeve will allow you to enjoy a basketball or tennis game on a hot day with no perspiration buildup. Instead, your perspiration will quickly migrate through the brace to the outer surface, leaving you cool comfortable and relaxed.

The McDavid Active Comfort Compression Ankle Sleeve comes in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.  For extra convenience, it can fit either your left or right foot. The sizing tab on this page contains information to help you choose the size that works for you.

If you are looking for a support to help you rehabilitate your ankle after an injury or control the pain of ankle arthritis or ankle tendonitis, this could be the answer you need. It can alternatively function as a support that will proactively protect from ankle injuries in baseball or soccer if needed.


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