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The McDavid Runners’ Therapy Achilles Sleeve has an anatomical design with dual compression and enhances pain relief, recovery and support.

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The McDavid Runners’ Therapy Achilles Sleeve has an anatomical design with dual compression. This sleeve enhances pain relief and also accelerates recovery and provides support for your achilles tendon.

A contoured support pad targets your achilles tendon. The pad has an ergonomical and lightweight design to ensure that you enjoy superb fit and all day comfort.

Allied to these features is a moisture wicking and breathable fabric with 4 way stretch properties. Together, these features provide the ideal answer for a sore achilles tendon after your daily workouts.

The McDavid Runners’ Therapy Achilles Sleeve is designed for active recovery from achilles tendonitis and other achilles tendon  injuries. It will also provide proactive prevention for running enthusiasts who don’t want to be deterred by minor strains or other issues. Lightweight and comfortable, it offers therapeutic compression and support for injured achilles tendons.

If you have a history of achilles problems, this sleeve may be able to help you enjoy your weekend basketball game without experiencing serious foot or ankle injuries.

Fits Either Left or Right. Sizes are small, medium, large and X-Large. Please consult the size chart shown under the sizing tab on this page for help in determining the size that works for you.

Composition of the sleeve is 44% nylon/11% polyester 20% TPU/ 25% EVA.



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