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Fine line treatment for posterior tibial tendonitis and peroneal tendonitis. Customizable varus/valgus heel disks and arch height. Designed by a board of certified foot and ankle specialists. Viable alternative to expensive custom ankle braces.

The Darco Body Armor Vario is designed to be a first line treatment option for peroneal tendonitis and posterior tibial tendonitis. The varus/valgus heel disks and arch height of this support are both customizable. The Body Armor Vario’s design is the conception of a board certified foot and ankle specialist. It can function as a viable alternative to much more expensive custom ankle supports.

The Vario features heel posting disks that support varus/valgus correction. Its customizable arch height also helps to support the medial midfoot. The Vario’s 3/4 insole supports the arch and comfortably captures the calcaneous.

If necessary, you can ask your doctor to adjust  the Vario’s trimmable straps with the aim of having them open/close in a specific position on your leg

Darco Body Armor Vario – Indications

  • Lateral Ankle Injuries: (Lateral heel posting);
  • Peroneal injuries;
  • Lateral ankle ligament sprains;
  • Medial Ankle Injuries: (Medial heel posting);
  • Deltoid sprains;
  • Posterior tibial tendon injuries;
  • Medial Procedures: (Medial arch support to control pronation);
  • Flatfoot reconstruction;
  • Lapidus Fusion.


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