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The LP Arm Sling supports the weight of an injured arm on the back and shoulder. It has an adjustable Velcro closure for accurate height modification and a specially designed netted material to prevent heat retention.

The LP Arm Sling supports the weight of the arm across your shoulder and back. It has a Velcro hook and loop closure that allows you to adjust its height adjustment. There is also a specially designed net like material that helps prevents heat retention and keeps you cool and comfortable as long as you are wearing the Sling.

The Arm Sling keeps your arm in its proper position and reduces swelling as well as the risk of re-injury. It helps to immobilize the arm and shoulder in its correct position and has a deep pocket that ensures fitting comfort. In addition to these features, the Sling has a slide buckle to keep the arm in its correct position.  A thumb loop helps keep your hand in the proper position.

To temporarily immobilize the lower arm (below the elbow), use the Arm Sling with an upper arm sling.

LP Arm Sling – Indications

  • Brachial nerve injury;
  • Rotator cuff injury;
  • Post-surgical support;
  • Shoulder subluxation/dislocation or fracture;
  • Upper arm fracture.


Measure the length of the forearm

Small - 9 1/4 - 10"

Medium - 10 - 12"

Large - 12 - 14"

X-Large - 14 - 16"

Washing Instructions

Soak the sling in a solution of mild detergent and water, and rinse well. Squeeze as much water out as possible with your hands and then roll the sling in a towel to remove any additional water.


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