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The LP Sacro Lumbar Support helps you to avoid muscular atrophy and ease your low back pain. The Sacro Lumbar Support features four pliable metallic stays to further stabilize your back. If you need to increase the compression level, you can increase the tightness of both external hook and loop closures.

In addition to the benefits enumerated above, the Sacro Lumbar Support helps to improves your spinal posture.

The Sacro Lumbar Support is made from high grade closed cell neoprene and is covered on both sides with stretch nylon for a comfortable fit. Neoprene is an excellent choice for compression and heat retention, so this support provides constant therapeutic warmth to your entire lower back muscle group.

LP Sacro Lumbar Support – Indications

  • HVD (Herniated Intervertebral Disc);
  • Low back pain;
  • Muscle stain/sprain.


Measure around waist

Small - 24 1/2 - 31 1/2" / 62.2 - 80.0cm

Medium - 31 1/2 - 35 1/4" / 80.0 - 89.5cm

Large - 35 1/4 - 39 1/4" / 89.5 - 99.7cm

X-Large - 39 1/4 - 43 1/4" / 99.7 - 109.9cm


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