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The LP X-Tremus Back Support features an X pattern Stable Contoured Structure that provides lumbar spine encirclement protection and a C pattern Magic Power Band contoured to fit the core muscles. It also has semi-rigid stays positioned on the back support to stabilize the lumbar spine without limiting performance.  Its durable Fitting Knit with high permeability fabric ensures wearing durability and breathability. Finally, its pocket closure design makes it easier to wrap in front. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

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The LP X-Tremus Back Support has an X patterned Stable Contoured Structure that protects against lumbar spine encirclement. It also features a C patterned Magic Power Band that is shaped to fit your core muscles. These features improve energy consumption efficiency and enhance sports performance. The Back Support has semi-rigid stays that stabilize the lumbar spine without restricting performance.

The Back Support’s durable Fitting Knit with permeable fabric assures wearing comfort, breathability and  durability. Its pocket closure design simplifies front wrapping.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. Please consult the sizing tab on this page for assistance in choosing your correct size.

LP X-Tremus Back Support – Indications

  • Injury prevention;
  • Mild muscle strain;
  • Low back pain.


Measure around the waist

Small - 275/8 - 311/3" / 70 - 80cm

Medium - 311/2 - 351/2" / 80 - 90cm

Large - 351/2 - 393/8" / 90 - 100cm

X-Large - 393/8 - 433/8" / 100 - 110cm

XX-Large - 433/8 - 471/4" / 110 - 120cm


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