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The Mueller Green Back Brace helps protect against lower back pain, fatigue and weakness while providing optimal support. One size.

SKU: MU86741

The Mueller Green Back Brace will help to reduce lower back pain and well as back fatigue and weakness. It has a unique cinching mechanism that you operate with a pull-strap. This mechanism will facilitate the use of just one-hand to tighten the support for speedy abdominal compression and lumbar support. This makes this brace an ideal accessory for repetitive bending and lifting actions.

The Green Adjustable Back & Abdominal Support is also equipped with comfortable rigid posterior panels that will help to support your lower back muscles and also promote proper posture. It also provides extensive back coverage, extending from the L-1 to below the L-5 vertebra.

If you are experiencing back problems from gardening or a sport like cricket, you can consider the Green Adjustable Back & Abdominal Support as a solution to the problem.

The support uses latex-free materials. You have no need for concern even if you have a history of latex sensitivity.

The Mueller Green Back Brace is a one size design that fits waist circumferences between 32″ and 51″ ( 81.2cm to  129.5cm)


• Release and extend cinching cables
• Position belt around top of hips
• Maintain position of side panels
• Pull strap out to tighten

Hand wash in cold water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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