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The McDavid Calf Sleeve offers contoured, pull-on and latex-free thermal and compression therapy, together with soft tissue support.


The McDavid Calf Sleeve offers  latex-free thermal and compression therapy for pin relief. It will also provide soft tissue support to help with rehabilitation of repetitive stress and other injuries.

The brace features McDavid’s exclusive 5-needle stitch, which results in  flatter, stronger and cleaner seams. As a result, the sleeve can offer therapeutic compression with no sacrifice of wearing comfort.  There is less risk of skin marks, welts or other injury due to the use of the 5-needle stitch technique.

The calf sleeve also boasts a heavy-duty outer nylon fabric to help increase its durability.

The McDavid Calf Sleeve contains 100% Neoprene(CR), a 100% latex free compound. This  latex free construction ensures that you can relax and not worry about adverse medical reactions due to use of the sleeve, even if you have sensitive skin or have previously experienced latex sensitivity. The choice of 100% neoprene for construction makes for excellent tensile strength, resilience, and tear resistance. It also enhances the sleeve’s compressive capabilities.

The use of neoprene also gives you the option to wash and dry this sleeve repeatedly, if you prefer to do so. You will experience no loss of compression or support.

Another benefit of using the extremely thin (3.2mm) neoprene chosen for the sleeve is that you will be able to easily to wear it under regular clothing.

McDavid Calf Sleeve – Features

  • Can be used on either the left or right calf;
  • Sold as one sleeve only, not in pairs;
  • Available only in black;
  • Available in sizes Smal, Medium, Large and X-Large;
  • Composition is 100% latex-free 3.2mm neoprene (CR), except for the cover fabric.


Sizing Chart

Measure around calf -

Small: 12" - 14"/ 30 - 36cm
Medium: 14" - 15"/ 36 - 38cm
Large: 15" - 17"/ 38 - 43cm
X-Large: 17" - 18"/ 43 - 46cm


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