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The Mueller Sports Medicine  Elbow Support, Black, OSFM,  features controllable compression applied using adjustable straps that allow you to combine pain relieving compression with a comfortable fit and soothing warmth.


SKU: MU4521

The Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Support, Black, OSFM offers controllable compression, courtesy of its adjustable straps. You can use the straps to get your ideal mix of compression and comfort, together with soothing warmth.

The neoprene composition of this brace endows it with superior compression and with excellent heat retention. These qualities are both critical to its therapeutic performance. Compression improves blood circulation.  Warmth also promotes blood flow but in addition helps keep your elbow flexible.

However, although neoprene has these positive qualities,  you should probably avoid the Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Support, Black if you have a hsitory of allergic sensitivity to neoprene. In that case, we would suggest a non neoprene elbow support like the Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow Support.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Support, Black, OSFM is an excellent choice for you if you need to treat mild to moderate tennis or golfers’ elbow pain. Its adjustable straps will allows you to alter the tradeoff between compression and comfort depending on the circumstances. You may decide to tighten its adjustable strap before playing tennis or golf or starting some gardening work. Once you are finished, you can adjust the strap to reduce the compression level and enjoy a higher level of comfort.

This support is One Size Fits Most (OSFM) and fits elbows with circumferences between 10″ and 18″( 25cm and 45cm).

Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Support, Black, OSFM – Applicable Sports

Athletes in sports requiring sustained application of strong gripping forces or that produce frequent forces or vibrations along the forearm are likely to benefit from this support. Other sports requiring frequent throwing or bowling motions may sometimes also result in elbow injuries that may be treatable using this support.

As a result, you may find the Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Support, Black a useful accessory for treatment of elbow injuries in sports such as tennis , baseball or cricket. In addition to sports like these, non athletic activities such as gardening or even painting can also cause elbow injuries that you can treat using this support.




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