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The McDavid Elbow Sleeve / Elastic provides mild generalized compression for rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries without heat retention.


The McDavid Elbow Sleeve / Elastic provides mild compression and support to help rehabilitate injured soft tissues support. As is has an elastic construction, it does so without heat retention and allows your body to retain its natural temperature for optimal comfort. Instead of neoprene, this elbow support uses polyester, nylon and rubber in its construction. The choice of polyester makes this a comfortable elbow brace that does not sacrifice either support or durability. The absence of neoprene in this brace means that it will not retain your body heat, which improves all day wearing comfort. The absence of neoprene and latex eliminates any risk of adverse medical reactions for those with sensitive skin or a history of neoprene or latex sensitivities. For more information about the pros and cons of using neoprene in brace construction, please read this.

It provides moderate general compression to your elbow and surrounding tissues and helps to promote blood circulation in the area. This makes it an excellent  choice for injuries such as mild elbow strains or sprains as well as delayed onset muscle soreness or other conditions requiring general compression over a non specific area.

We would not recommend this brace for tennis or golf elbow. For those conditions, you will need a support that provides more targeted compression to your lateral or medial elbow tendons.

For more severe sprains, strains or ligament/tendon injuries, you would be better served by choosing another brace with greater compressive capabilities.

You will find this brace extremely simple to put on or take off. You can also use it on either the left or right elbow.

McDavid Elbow Sleeve / Elastic – Key Features

  • Simple to apply or remove;
  • Fits either left or right elbow;
  • Single sleeve only – not sold as a pair;
  • Available in Black only;
  • Available in sizes Small to X-Large. Please read the instructions under the sizing tab for guidance on choosing your correct size;
  • Composition is 65% polyester/25% rubber/10% nylon


Sizing Chart

Measure around elbow -

Small: 8"-9.5"/ 20 - 24cm
Medium: 9.5" - 11"/ 24 - 28cm
Large: 11" - 12"/ 28 - 30cm
X-Large: 12" - 14"/ 30 - 36cm


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