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The LP X-Tremus Elbow Support helps you to enhance your sports performance as well as avoid injury. Its innovative Magic Power Band and Stable Contoured Structurel help you raise your training and competition to new levels and simultaneously mitigates tennis and golfer’s elbow as well as general elbow soreness.

The LP X-Tremus Elbow Support will help to enhance sports performance as well as prevent injury. The two features that contribute to this outstanding performance are the Magic Power Band and  the Stable Contoured Structure. In addition to these features, the X-Tremus Elbow Support possesses dual silicone pads positioned over the upper arm extensor and flexor muscles. These pads massage these areas and ease muscle soreness as well as the discomfort and pain of golfers’ and tennis elbow.

Wearing the X-Tremus Elbow Support brace will allow you to pursue athletic activities you love such as tennis, golf, baseball and other sports with much less pain and discomfort. Your comfort level while wearing the brace will also be greater thanks to its durable fitting knit with ultra high permeable fabric.

The Magic Power Band helps to improve sports performance by keeping your posterior elbow in alignment. It also improves the efficiency of energy consumption and  increases the explosiveness of elbow flexions and extensions.

The Stable Contoured Structure helps to keep your elbow stable as you use it. The loose knit fabric covering the medial elbow region helps to improve wearing comfort and elbow flexibility.

Use this elbow brace for sports like baseball or activities like gardening that place unusual stresses on your elbow. You will benefit from less risk of injury or a speedier recovery from injuries you may have.

Available in sizes Small to XX-Large. Please consult the sizing tab on this page to determine your correct size.

LP X-Tremus Elbow Support – Indications

  • Lateral & Medial Epicondylitis (Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow);
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness.


Measure around the elbow joint

Small - 83/4 - 91/2" / 22 - 24cm

Medium - 91/2 - 101/4" / 24 - 26cm

Large - 101/4 - 11.0" / 26 - 28cm

X-Large - 11.0 - 117/8" / 28 - 30cm

XX-Large - 117/8 - 125/8" / 30 - 32cm


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