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The Cramer Sports Medicine Groin Hip Spica is a wrap designed to treat groin strains, hip abductors and flexor strains

SKU: 125CRA279900

The Cramer Sports Medicine Groin Hip Spica is a user friendly groin wrap that provides therapeutic warmth to your hip or injury. The Groin Hip Spica  is a 73″ long durable neoprene wrap that will fit either the left or right hip. You can use it to wrap groin strains, flexor strains, hip abductors and hip arthritis. You wrap it around your waist and upper thigh and it will generally fit those with waist circumference between 26 and 40 inches

Cramer Sports Medicine Groin Hip Spica – Features

  • The Groin Hip Spica has ventilation holes that promote breathability and enhance wearing comfort;
  • Made from double-sided nylon to enhance fitting comfort and provide reversibility;
  • Wrap is 1/8″ thick  to provide impact protection;
  • Uses a flat-seam stitching design that reduces chafing;

One Size - 185.4cm long - fits left or right thigh


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