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The McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable is made from neoprene and is a low profile design that you can easily wear under your regular clothing.


The McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable is made from neoprene. It is a low profile design that you can easily wear under your regular clothing. For additional comfort, it is also latex free. You therefore don’t need to worry about allergic reactions even if you have experienced these in the past.  As a wrap, it will provide therapeutic heat and compression to the groin and upper thigh area (hamstrings/quadriceps). The warmth and compression will promote recovery from sprains, strains or other soft tissue injuries in the groin/upper thigh area.

If you are healthy but concerned about injury, the Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable will also provide you with confidence and allow you to continue you regular or sporting activities in confidence.

McDavid have designed the Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable to contour closely to the thigh area. This will minimize bunching and improve wearing comfort.

The inner neoprene layer of the Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable supplies heat therapy to hurt muscles, tendons and ligaments. The Wrap has a textured surface to help prevent slippage and hold the wrap firmly in the intended position.

As a result of the Velcro closure, you can adjust the Wrap’s compression/tightness as your injury heals or to match the requirements of particular situations.

The Wrap is a One Size Fits All design and fits either left or right. It is made from 100% latex-free neoprene (excluding  straps/cover fabric).

McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable – Indications

  • You can use the Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable for treating hamstring or quadricep strains or sprains;
  • The Wrap is also a great accessory to wear while playing sports like hockey or soccer. It will help to reduce the risk of injuries to the groin/upper thigh area.


One Size Fits All


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