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The McDavid Knee Sleeve/4-Way Elastic With Gel Buttress has a 4-way stretch elastic material that allows for increased compression and fit without heat retention.


The McDavid Knee Sleeve / 4-Way Elastic With Gel Buttress uses 4-way stretch fabric to provide higher compression and superior fit without retaining heat. The gel buttress is situated over sensitive soft tissue areas to improve wearing comfort. It will also provide support to your patella. 4 way stretch fabrics can stretch in both lengthwise and crosswise directions and as a result offer superior wearing comfort compared to 2 way stretch fabrics.

The construction of the sleeve is both latex and neoprene free and uses nylon and spandex instead. This makes the sleeve a great choice if you have a history of  either latex or neoprene allergies.

You should consider this sleeve if you have a weak or previously injured knee and need to protect it while participating in a sport or other strenuous recreational activity. It will also give you confidence in a previously injured knee. This will in turn allow you to focus on your sport or recreation with no distractions.

McDavid Knee Sleeve / 4-Way Elastic With Gel Buttress – Additional Features

  • Fits either left or right knee;
  • Available in black only, and in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Please consult the chart under the sizing tab on this page for information that will help you to choose your correct size.
  • Composition is 62% nylon and 38% spandex (elastane)


Sizing Chart

Measure around knee -

Small: 12" - 14"/ 30 - 36cm
Medium: 14" - 15"/ 36 - 38cm
Large: 15" - 17"/ 38 - 43cm
X-Large: 17" - 20"/ 43 - 51cm


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