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The extra long Mueller Sports Medicine Knee Sleeve – Closed Patella delivers even compression and soothing warmth to reduce arthritic pain and help heal repetitive stress injuries of the knee. Replaces the 424 Closed Patella Knee Sleeve

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Closed Patella Knee Sleeve has a soft neoprene blend that retains heat. It also produces therapeutic  warmth and uniform compression around the knee. The warmth & compression from the Knee Sleeve help to relieve repetitive stress injuries, pain from knee arthritis and other non specific soft tissue injures of the knee.

The sleeve is an extra long design that extends from your lower thigh to your upper shin. Both this extra length and the closed patella design help to apply warmth over a broader area of your knee and upper leg.

The Knee Sleeve is 100% latex free. It will not cause latex allergic reactions even if you have previously experienced these.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Knee Sleeve  with Closed Patella is available in black only and in sizes Small, Medium, Large & X-Large.  Please consult the information under the size tab to determine the size appropriate for you.

Measure around center of knee

Small - 12" - 14" / 30 - 35cm
Medium - 14" - 16" / 35 - 40cm
Large - 16" - 18" / 40 - 45cm
X-Large - 18" - 20" / 45 - 50cm

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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