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The LP Standard Knee Support – Closed Patella uses an oval pad to retain your body heat and therapeutically warm your knee joint. This helps to improve blood circulation. The Standard Knee Support can also help to treat postoperative knee problems, arthritis, strains and protection from abrasion injuries. It will fit comfortably under your clothing and is an easy on/off design. LP has manufactured the Standard Knee Support using high grade closed cell neoprene enclosed with stretch nylon for additional comfort. Neoprene is ideal for compression and heat retention and will help warm the knee joint and improve blood circulation.

LP Standard Knee Support – Closed Patella – Indications

  • Arthritis;
  • Mild sprain/strain.


Measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with knee fully extended

Small - 33.0 - 35.6cm / 13 - 14."

Medium - 35.6 - 38.1cm / 14 - 15"

Large - 38.1 - 43.2cm / 15 - 17"

X-Large - 43.2 - 50.8cm / 17 - 20"


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