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The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Knee Support features a patented adjustable-tension strap for comfortable support of injured or arthritic knees. Fits either knee.

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Knee Support has adjustable tension straps and a padded dual-layer stabilization ring around the kneecap area. You can use the adjustable straps to customize the fit of the Support to get the optimal balance between tension and comfort.

The Adjustable Knee Support also has an open patella design that helps relieve kneecap pressure. The open patella design will also provide a source of ventilation.

The Knee Support’s neoprene blend provides soothing therapeutic warmth. In addition, its contour design helps keep bunching to a minimum and promotes user comfort.

The Adjustable Knee Support is made from latex-free materials. As a result, you have no cause for concern even if you have experienced latex sensitivity in the past.

This Knee Support is a good choice for treatment of sore or weak knees. You can also use it for pain reduction on arthritic knees or if you are suffering from an unstable kneecap. It is particularly useful for reducing pain and other symptoms if you have a knee injury from basketball, baseball or another sport.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Knee Support is a one size fits most design. Measure your knee circumference to determine if it will be a good fit. The support will fit knees with circumferences between 12″ and 21″ ( 30cm and 53cm). It is available only in black and will fit either the left or right knee.


• Align patella opening over kneecap
• Fasten bottom section behind knee
• Fasten top section behind knee
• Secure four tension straps behind knee

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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