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The Mueller Sports Medicine Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer features criss-cross straps for consistent support and compression above and below your patella. Fits either knee. One size.

SKU: MU95627

The Mueller Sports Medicine Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer features elastic straps located above and below the kneecap in a criss cross pattern. These perform a self adjusting role to help the Knee Stabilizer attain an optimal fit over your knee. The Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer also features steel springs that provide lateral support to your knee.

In addition to the above features , the Self Adjusting Stabilizer has a patella buttress that helps to protect your kneecap. The perforated fabric of the Stabilizer will help to increase its breathability and support moisture management and wearing comfort.  Its convenience is further augmented by its wraparound design which simplifies application and removal.

The Knee Stabilizer is a great choice to help reduce lateral knee instability, mild to moderate knee sprains and patellar subluxation. You can also use it to help reduce the pain of repetitive stress injuries and promote recovery from these injuries. This is also a great knee support to consider if you have suffered a knee injury related to baseball, basketball or another physically demanding sport.

The Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer is 100% latex free. It will not introduce any risk of latex related allergic reactions, even if you have previously suffered these reactions.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer is a one size fits most design. It will fit knees with circumference between 14″ and 20″ (35cm to 50cm).Available only in black.

• Align patella opening over kneecap
• Fasten bottom section then top section around knee
• Adjust as needed for firm, and comfortable support

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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