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The McDavid Bio-Logix Knee Brace combines a semi rigid lightweight design and bi-lateral aluminium dual axis geared hinges to provide a fluid feel and a natural range of motion.

The McDavid Bio-Logix Knee Brace boasts a semi rigid lightweight design and comes with a compression sleeve to help it address any knee instabilities you may be experiencing. You can choose to wear the brace either with or without the compression sleeve. Either way, the brace aims to give you superb Body-in-Motion performance.

Probably the key feature of the brace is a sophisticated hinge design that uses anatomical lateral and medial C-Supports with over molded integration. Another important feature is the semi rigid support structure that provides a self adaptive Flex-Fit with a comfort level that you can customize to your taste.

Yet another important feature is this brace’s use of bi-lateral dual axis geared aluminium hinges. These help the brace maintain a light weight and provide you with fluid wearing experience while retaining a natural range of motion.

The McDavid Bio-Logix Knee Brace uses washable Flex-Fit shin and thigh pads with air flow channels. These will wick away perspiration and moisture, leaving you cool and dry even after extended wearing periods.

The brace has adjustable straps to prevent slippage and maintain a precise fit. It is also designed with the anatomical knee shape in mind in order to conform to the contours of that joint.

Available in sizes  Small, Medium and Large only. Please use the sizing chart on this page to determine the appropriate size before ordering. In addition, please note that this knee brace is left/right specific i.e. please order for the specific knee that is giving you trouble.

You can consider this brace for additional knee stability during your weekend basketball game.

McDavid Bio-Logix Knee Brace – Compression Sleeve

As mentioned above, the brace comes with a unique and innovative compression sleeve that folds over and improves wearing comfort. The sleeve also increases support and improves the fit of the brace.

Hand Wash Cold. Air Dry Only.


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