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The McDavid Hyperblend Knee Sleeve w/Buttress & Stays pairs the supportive qualities of neoprene and the compression and comfort of knit material to produce a lightweight design with superior compression to neoprene.

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The McDavid Hyperblend Knee Sleeve w/Buttress & Stays uses Hyperblend™ technology to pair the supportive capabilities of neoprene and the breathability and compression of knit material. The resulting composite material is 30% lighter than basic neoprene and is a lightweight support that you can easily wear for extended periods. It will nevertheless offer greater and more targeted compression than neoprene.

The sleeve has a foam buttress to protect the soft tissues of the knee and to help provide patellar support. In addition, its bilateral aluminium stays help to provide additional knee support.

In addition to the above features, the Hyperblend Knee Sleeve boasts panel behind the kneecap made from spandex mesh. This helps to protect the sensitive skin there and avoids irritation and chafing. As a result, you can flex your knee while wearing the sleeve with no discomfort caused by friction against the sensitive skin behind the knee.

McDavid has provided the Hyperblend Knee Sleeve w/Buttress & Stays with a pre-curved and anatomically supportive design. You will enjoy its close conformity with your knee and the way it avoids bunching that could otherwise cause discomfort.

The McDavid Hyperblend Knee Sleeve w/Buttress & Stays is available in sizes ranging from Small to X-Large.  It also fits both left and right knees. Please consult the chart under the Size tab on this web-page.

McDavid Hyperblend Knee Sleeve w/Buttress & Stays – Indications


  • We would suggest this knee for consideration  in cases of knee arthritis or knee tendonitis;
  • It is also a good choice in cases of moderate knee instability;
  • It will also yield benefits in sports like baseball or basketball that can be punishing on the knees.
  • Even in the absence of the problems above, a knee sleeve like the Hyperblend Knee Sleeve w/Buttress & Stays will inspire confidence and allow you to walk, run and play in confidence.
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