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The McDavid VOW™ Versatile Over Wrap Knee Wrap w/Stays is a simple & lightweight knee support designed for flexibility in support and fitting comfort.

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The McDavid VOW™ Versatile Over Wrap Knee Wrap w/Stays is a conceptually simple and lightweight design that offers versatility in compression, fitting and support options. Unlike many other knee braces, the VOW be worn either over your pants or directly against bare skin.

Like the VOW™ Versatile Over Wrap Knee Wrap w/Stays  & Straps, The VOW provides lateral knee support by way of its integrated spring steel stay on either side of the knee joint. If you have suffered knee instability or would just like to have more confidence, this may be the optimal choice for you. For additional support and greater range of motion, the brace has no straps.

The VOW has two Over Wraps, one situated above and the other below the patella. Use the Over Wrap above the knee to to adjust the brace’s compression, muscle support and comfort level. The one below the knee is useful for adjusting the kneecap stability as well as isolating the kneecap.

Another notable versatility feature of this brace is that you can use it on either your left or right knee.

Please note that you can buy the VOW Knee Wrap w/Stays in sizes ranging from Small to X-Large. Visit the sizing tab on this webpage page to determine your best size.

McDavid VOW™ Versatile Over Wrap Knee Wrap w/Stays – Applications


  • The VOW™ Knee Wrap is an excellent choice if you have suffered from knee instability;
  • You may also like this brace if you have experienced a knee injury from baseball, soccer or another sport.
  • In general, it will be a help in any sport that requires extensive sprinting or direction changes;
  • The McDavid VOW™ Versatile Over Wrap Knee Wrap w/Stays  can also serve as a prophylactic measure . It can help prevent the occurrence of a knee injury and therefore improve confidence while playing your favorite sport.
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