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The EmbraceAir Deluxe back support is adjustable to match the amount of support you need and is capable of changing the angle of the spine by as much as 18 degrees.

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The EmbraceAir Deluxe back rest helps to improve your seated posture. It has a high quality recycled wood frame and an internal air bolster that is adjustable upward or downward to accommodate your back as well as the seat you are using. Having made this adjustment, you can then use the attached bulb to adjust the air bolster so that it fits the natural curvature of the spine.  This helps to reduce your lower back pain.

The versatility of the EmbraceAir Deluxe support is such that it is capable of changing the angle of the spine by as much as 18 degrees.

The EmbraceAir uses 100% recycled wood and environmentally friendly glue. The support also has a lifetime warranty on its air valve system. In addition, there is a limited lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing. It is covered by many insurance plans, including motor vehicle accident insurance and extended health plans. Workers comp and employee benefit plans also provide coverage for the EmbraceAir.


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