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The Innotech Inline Seating has a natural wooden frame and premium quality 30-year foam to cradle the behind and uniformly distribute body weight.

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Innotech Inline Seating offers a natural wooden frame and premium quality foam with a 30-year life. It has a molded shape to cradle your posterior and uniformly distribute your body weight. Inline Seating uses troughs that are contoured to accommodate the legs as well as overflow sections that mitigate the discomfort caused by your bodyweight  pressing down on prominent bony areas. The net result of these features is greater user comfort during long periods in a sitting or cramped position. These include time spent sitting on planes or trains.

You can use Inline Seating with any of the Innotech “Embrace” lumbar supports. Please see the information under the instructions tab on this page for guidance on how to do this.

You can take this portable and lightweight support with you anywhere you go. Its fabric is treated for prevention of fungal bacteria as well as odors.

Inline Seating is available in black, burgundy and navy. It weighs  2.5 lb and has dimensions 2 × 19 × 16.5 in

Innotech Inline Seating – Health Benefits

  • Inline Seating mitigates pressure points and reduces pressure sores
  • It also improves blood circulation and reduces fatigue as a result.


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