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The InnoTech LumbAir Plus back rest offers adjustability, comfort and portability. If you suffer from lower back pain, the Lumbair Plus is worthy of careful consideration.

The Lumbair Plus is designed for bucket seats but you can also use it in airplane seats. It features a rubber bulb that you can squeeze to increase support firmness. There is also a push button valve for softer support.  In addition, the Lumbair Plus has antimicrobially treated fabric that protects it from fungus, odors and bacteria.  For increased comfort, it also boasts moisture wicking capabilities and will therefore keep you cool and dry even over extended use. The foam used to make this back rest is designed for 15 years of use. The support also comes with a lifetime warranty against malfunction of the air valve as well as a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

To reduce the cost of ownership, many extended health insurance, workers compensation or motor vehicle accident coverage plans cover the InnoTech Lumbair Plus. It is manufactured in Canada using glue, recycled wood and other environmentally friendly materials.

The LumbAir Plus works by forcing a curve in your lower spine (known as lordosis) that in turn pushes your shoulders back and aligns your neck and spine. This reduces the weight borne by your lower back and hips.

InnoTech LumbAir Plus – Indications

  • If you spend significant time in cramped seating such as on planes or trains;
  • If your job requires you to remain seated for extended periods;
  • The LumbAir Plus is a useful accessory if you are wheelchair bound;
  • If you suffer from chronic lower back pain.


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